Sunday, January 6, 2013


So we ran a poll just a few days before Raul Ibanez packed up his stuff and traveled to Seattle to sign a one day contract with the Mariners, read HERE.  It later came out that Brian Cashman never made an offer to Raul after leading on Yankee fans on that the 2 parties were working toward a deal, read HERE. This, in turn made me angry, read HERE and it obviously resonated with most of you… you made it one of the most popular posts in Bleeding Yankee Blue history. I like when that happens.

But back to the poll and enough about me… The poll was simply asking, Who do you want as the Yankee Designated Hitter?  Let’s break it down.

I had suggested that Jim Thome, who is as old as Rumpelstiltskin … or… me, would be a fun and interesting fit in the Bronx.  A lefty with an old school mentality and just goes up to the plate and cranks out home runs. 

In Yankee stadium with that short right field porch, it could be fun, right? So I thought. It turns out that of the 67 that voted in this short poll, only 16 liked that idea.
More voted in favor of bringing back the Yankees playoff superstar Raul Ibanez, probably because it was fresh in our minds and probably because of the reports that the Yankees and he were working toward a deal.  Meanwhile, During the opened poll, Ibanez signed with Seattle, and the whole poll became relevant, kind of.  That being said, I wanted to at least write about it because something happened next that I didn’t expect, but I respect the poll, so here it goes…

31 of you believed that neither should be the 2013 Yankee Designated Hitter.  That was a surprise to me but it’s clear that that Yankee fans want “young” and have been craving it for a long time now.  Couple that with Raul signing with Seattle and that probably swayed a few people to vote that way because, well, the deal was done and the poll didn’t seem to matter anymore.
But, there you have it. My conclusion to this poll is simple… Yankee fans want neither, or younger, or a right handed DH, or someone else.  Anyway you slice it, on this day, January 6, 2013, the Yankees have no DH, righty or lefty. Raul’s gone and Thome is sitting on his couch waiting for the phone to ring.  That’s baseball in the off season and it’s definitely the way the Yankees operate lately… hurry up and wait… 

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