Friday, January 11, 2013


It seems like just yesterday Marcus Thames came up with the Yankees organization as a hungry kid trying to make a name and a career for himself.  Well, he did OK and had a great run with the Detroit Tigers, didn't he? I enjoyed watching Thames play, truth be told.  He was never dynamic, but he was a believer and you could tell when he played the game. He had the fire.

Well, It's been announced that he has officially retired as a player from this great game. You can read more about it HERE. The good news is he was hired as a hitting coach for the Tampa Yankees. 

Thames was drafted by the Yankees in 1996 in the amateur draft and played for the Yankees twice, the Tigers, Dodgers and Rangers in his entire playing career. Thames last played in the major leagues in 2011 when he played for the Dodgers.

Good luck Marcus. My fondest memory of you is once no one will remember, but I do. It was watching your face after that walk off single in 2010 during that a July game where Mariano Rivera blew a save against the Blue Jays.

I just remember... you were a happy dude and I was at the stadium that day, we erupted.  Sure, it will never a super moment on any walk off list... but it will always be on my list.  Thanks for the memories.

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