Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't want to get involved in the PEDs debate and the Hall of Fame. There are too many gray areas and with the Hall of Fame voting being announced today, there is constant debate in heavy rotation and no one has the right answer.  Hey, I don't get a ballot in the mail and so, I will just report it straight as best I can with little antidotes that relate it to how I manage my own children... and the right or wrong of it that I see fit.  I'm a father first, a blogger second.
Now you know I love Ken Burns and I have always believed, and still do, that Burns' Baseball Documentary is the greatest documentary on earth.  Well, I guess because he was such a success, he was asked about all these PEDs guys and how he felt about it by the Hollywood Reporter (HERE.)  The exchange was brilliant.

The Hollywood Reporter: "Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza are all on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. Would you vote for them?"

Ken Burns: "No"

The Hollywood Reporter: "Ever?"

Ken Burns: "I want them to suffer for a while … We know some pitchers extended their playing careers, we know some people hit the ball farther, but nobody hit .406, nobody had a 56-game hitting streak, no pitcher won 30 games, no pitcher won 35 games, no pitcher won 25 games. Maybe that helps you make it less onerous, but at the same time, those motherf---ers should suffer for a while."

Hey look, here's my take on this;  Making someone suffer for committing a horrific crime, like murder, I get that.  But these players, whoever they are, injected themselves with whatever for selfish reasons and make themselves superior than their peers.  Again, who knows if some of them did it, who knows how long they did it for and it's a gray area. It's always been a gray area.  Me, personally, as much as I love Burns and his work... he crossed the line in my opinion.  Bottom line, the guy made a Baseball documentary... he's not God.  I mean, if you listen to any of the sports writers, they are all struggling with this decision. It's not easy, but at the end of the day, this isn't a life or death situation.

When the announcement on the voting comes down, we'll bring you a report on it. We'll leave it at that.

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