Saturday, January 12, 2013


...he is.  Suicide is something that affects people every day. Teen counseling and suicide prevention is something everyone needs to be aware of to try and fix that.  What are the signs of suicide? How can we help as a person? You dig? That's where Ty Hensley comes in...

Ty Hensley has done a Public Service Announcement with a very important message.  Watch it, share this link and get the word out. I wanted to make sure you all saw it. It has a very important message.

You want to talk role models? You want to talk about people who want to make a difference in their life and other people's lives? Then you need to talk about Ty Hensley, a kid with a dream and a kid who wants  to make a difference. 
Much like guys like CC Sabathia, who runs PitCCh in Foundation, or Derek Jeter who runs the Turn 2 Foundation, or even like the Foley's NY Pub who always dives in to help raise money for various charities and causes, Ty Henlsey is starting early and making a difference. 

Again, take the time, watch this PSA and understand 1 thing... kindness makes the world go 'round.  Ty's helping others with his message. That starts at home and I tip my cap to the Hensley family for setting goals and teach morals to their children...remember... BELIEVE & THINK BIG and even you can make a difference.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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