Friday, January 18, 2013


Not sure if many of you know this, but I have always admired and appreciated guys like YES Network's Jack Curry and the Bergen Record's Pete Caldera. When if comes to sports reporting, they never steer me wrong, they always provide good and important information and always find the angle or nugget the others gloss over and, in the end, they make the story better.  You need to love that. I always have because in the end, they do their job better than many other journalists out there. I also know that if they read this, they'd probably be uncomfortable with my flattery because they are just good dudes who probably don't like people gushing over them.  Well tough, BYB is mine and I'll say it loud. I love how well they do their jobs and for kids who want to be journalists, follow in Jack and Pete's footsteps. They are the best. 

For me personally, it was an honor to interview both of them for Bleeding Yankee Blue.  You can read those interviews here:
Anyway, that being said... I am thrilled to announced that Jack Curry will receive the Broadcast Excellence Award at the New Jersey Sports Writers Association banquet on Sunday.  A huge congratulations to Jack Curry.

YES Network writes:  "YES Network analyst Jack Curry can once again add a two-word phrase to the beginning of that title: Award-Winning."

Take the time on Twitter tonight and Congratulate Jack!  Jack was one of the first guys to agree to be interviewed by BYB and he's always been a great guy to bounce thoughts off of. 

Keep doing what you're doing Jack, because New York Yankee Fans love you man!

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