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As you all know, on January 10th, there was a special event. I wrote about it in HOT STOVE & HOT DOGS AT THE YOGI BERRA MUSEUM. Much like when Derek Jeter says Yankee fans are the best fans in the world, that holds true to Bleeding Yankee Blue readers too.  Shirley Hoffmann and I were going to try to hang out at the Museum that evening.  I was unable to attend, but Shirley did and she wrote about her experience Exclusively for all you readers.  I call that pretty damn special!  So here's Shirley's take on her visit to the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center on January 10th.  Enjoy this... I did.


 (Photo: Credit: Shirley Hoffmann)
I attended the live YES broadcast of “Yankees Baseball Tonight – Hot Stove Style” at the Yogi Berra Museum and had a great time.  First of all, it’s always a thrill to visit the Museum!  There’s so much history there it almost takes a few visits to fully take it all in.  Yogi’s personal baseball and charitable accomplishments are all on display at the museum along with his 10 World Series rings and MVP awards.  If you haven’t been to Yogi’s place, as I call it, plan a visit.  Then plan to go again.
(Photo: Credit: Shirley Hoffmann)
There was plenty of time to tour the museum and enjoy a hot dog dinner before the YES broadcast began.  Bob Lorenz anchored the show with panelists John Flaherty, Jack Curry and Meredith Marakovits.  During the show, they chatted about the possibility of Michael Morse coming to the Yankees, the moves and non-moves the Yanks have made so far this off season, injuries and who's returning and how guys like Brett Gardner and Phil Hughes could have big impact years. A lot was covered. 

Jack Curry also discussed the Hall of Fame voting and felt that the voters sent a message to the players regarding the PEDs issue.  Also, and this is pretty fun and was some breaking news from Curry... Yogi Berra is getting a Twitter account! How great is that?

There was a discussion about Alex Rodriguez and his hip surgery scheduled for January 16th. It will be a 2 hour surgery by Dr. Bryan Kelly at Hospital for Special Surgery.  This will be a complicated surgery. They worry about over stressing his repaired right hip.  I thought it was interesting that Dr. Kelly said problems with hip are NOT the result of PEDs. We all know that has been a debate for awhile now among fans.  Hopefully Alex will be back in July, but that is very optimistic. There were a lot of questions about his hip & whether fixing his hip will fix Alex’s problems at the plate and in the field. 

I had such a great time and always do when it comes to the Yankees.  My next Yankee event will probably be Spring Training in March.  Ron Guidry may be driving Mr. Yogi but my husband will be driving me... Miss Shirley!

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