Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The frame grab above is from the film History of the World Part I.  It's a Mel Brooks flick that was way ahead of it's time in the world of comedy.  But I sit here today starring at the "Nothing" sign in the guy's cart and I think about the writers, the voting and the Baseball Hall of Fame and how this is the first time since 1996 that no player was voted in.  Shocking? Not really. If you really think about it, the PEDs situation has really mucked things up.  It's clear these writers are struggling with how to vote for these guys. It's become an issue.  Don't believe me? You should have seen Bob Costas and the gang on the MLB Network today.  Alot of head scratching.  Very interesting.

(In Photo: Jacob Ruppert)
Now, that being said, the Hall of Fame will induct 3 new members in this summer, Umpire Hank O'Day, catch Deacon White and owner Jacob Ruppert.  As the New York Times (HERE) puts it, "All three died in the 1930s and were voted in by the veterans committee in December. As a result, baseball will hold its annual Hall of Fame ceremony next July in an awkward context — without a single living honoree on stage."

Craig Biggio received 388 votes today and he was on top, but it wasn't enough. When it came to guys like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, Bonds was on 36.2% of the ballots and Clemens has 37.6%.

It's a weird day.  I always get psyched watching the guys who we watched as kids get voted in.  I, of course have been preaching about how much I'd love to see Pete Rose get inducted. 
It's time. He's paid his dues, he's taken his lumps and when he played the game, he played harder than anyone I ever saw.  Read ENOUGH'S ENOUGH. TIME FOR PETE ROSE TO GO TO COOPERSTOWN for my opinion on that.
(In Photo: Lou Brock 1985)
Last year I loved seeing Barry Larkin standing up there and years ago as a kid, I was lucky enough to be at the Hall of Fame when Lou Brock was inducted. I honestly thought Craig Biggio would have been voted in.  He wasn't. I was surprised. Again... seeing these players get voted in is always a thrill.  But not today.  Today, the Hall of Fame elected Nothing, no one and it's an odd day.

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