Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So news broke earlier today that Chris Dickerson has signed a deal with the Baltimore Orioles.  Good for him.  You can read about it HERE. The deal is a minor league deal and an invitation to Spring Training.

For all of you that suddenly hate Dickerson for going to the enemy... think again.  This is a guy that was let go by the New York Yankees so we could sign guys like Thomas Neal and Matt Diaz.  Confused yet? I am.  Dickerson did what he needed to do, look for a job and you know what? He got one because he's actually a good ballplayer. I knew he'd latch onto a team! Look, we all knew what Dickerson brought us as a player and while I have nothing against Diaz and Neal, from my personal standpoint, Dickerson deserved a shot.

I wish Chris well.  On Twitter he was personable, he always interacted with the fans, and he even announced it today and thanked us who rooted and supported him while he was in pinstripes.  That Tweet is below.

Take a minute, congratulate the dude, and we'll probably see him this season.

Good luck Chris, you are the man!

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