Saturday, January 12, 2013


Is this what we're doing now? Reporting on every movement Derek Jeter makes? I'm not slamming Bryan Hoch, he's doing his job.  I just think it's funny that I can type in "Derek Jeter" in Google and that's the first thing I see.  Read Hoch HERE.

What's next? Derek Jeter laughs at Kevin Long in the dugout of an away game?

How about Derek Jeter wears something other than a Yankee uniform... does that work?

 Maybe Derek Jeter tells Alex Rodriguez to stop touching him

I'm just saying, we don't need to know everything Derek Jeter is doing at all times.  Truth is though, there IS actually a point to this post..Jeter News.  Jeter is on the road to recovery and I like it.  According to Hoch, "Jeter has removed his walking boot and is beginning to work out at the team's Minor League complex in Tampa, Fla., according to general manager Brian Cashman."

Brian Cashman says: "He's doing fine... All the boots are off. He's allowed to walk around now in shoes and stuff, but he's not doing any running. He's at the complex and they have an underwater treadmill, so he's doing some walking underwater.  Sometime in mid-to-late January, he'll be cleared for some baseball activities; hitting and fielding. He won't be doing any running until the very back end of this. That's the plan so far, and he's doing well."

The Captain is on the mend... life is good.

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