Friday, January 4, 2013


This is one of the first pictures out there of Nick Swisher in an Indians uniform. We just wanted to share. Hey, it's weird, no doubt, but I knew he had to test the Free Agent market and he has.  You can't fault him, it was his first free agent experience ever... you just have to just wish him well.  Don't be a hater. We all loved Nick when he was here, let's not forget that.  He made us laugh, he was clutch at times. I'll never forget that romping in Boston where he was standing on second base pounding his chest. 

Swisher was a good Yankee and we fell in love.  Sure, he got on our nerves once in a while with his overly happy antics, especially when the Yanks were sucking the life out of Yankee fans in the playoffs...but in the end, he was a Yankee, a good solider and he was a fun, hardworking Yankee too.  He loved us fans (Read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NICK SWISHER) and he loved the pinstripes... but it was time to move on. 

Good Luck Nick... except for when your playing the Yankees of course.

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