Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It seems like a million years ago that Bleeding Yankee Blue asked me to join their staff of writers. A young, fresh and optimistic group of writers with a new blog hoping to make their mark in the world of online sports media, I jumped at the chance. As the first woman on staff, I was assigned the task of giving a female perspective to a topic that is normally only seriously discussed by men- Yankees Baseball.

A few dozen blog posts and a couple of exclusive interviews later, I found myself in the precarious position of having to rearrange my priorities. As a wife, a mother, a professional and someone experiencing health problems, I needed some time off and BYB graciously accepted my request to take some time away from the blog.
In the meantime, watching this blog grow into a website and flourish...it's been a real pleasure to watch. From exclusive interviews to breaking news, I saw the blog increase its fan base and even gain some celebrity endorsements. The first time that I saw Laura Posada donning the BYB shirt blew me away. In my mind, these guys had made it, and I couldn’t have been happier for the team as I watched them work and grow into the reputable online media source that they have become today.

Not too long ago, in his infinite wisdom, Casey had approached me once again. Sensing that my “period of enlightenment” was drawing to a close, he asked me if I was still interested in being part of the team. I jumped at the chance once again. And so, I’ve blown the dust off of my laptop, and here I sit, hoping to contribute once again in some way to this project that is close to my heart and the hearts of so many Yankee fans.

This off season has proven, if not anything, that people come, and people go. Players that we thought had become woven into the fabric of the New York Yankees, such as Nick Swisher and Raul Ibanez, are now gone and with other teams. One thing that I have learned, though…whether you’re a fan, or a writer- when it comes to BYB, you are always a member of this great family, and once you’re family, nothing can change that. Friends, amigos, comrades till the end, we are a group of fans that hold dear a place in our hearts for other fans of this great game. Say what you want about the team, but Yankees fans are truly the best fans on Earth and we will go out of our way to prove it to you.

From the outside, looking in, I have seen a shift in the way things are done in online media. I’ve seen loyalty, dedication, and hard work on the part of each and every writer that belongs to Bleeding Yankee Blue. I’ve seen a team of writers grow and develop into the most reliable source of Yankees news that’s out there. I’ve seen fan support grow and hold the site up to the spotlight that it so richly deserves. I was, and am still very proud to be a part of it, and I hope that you are all proud of it too.

In other words... I'm back and I can't wait to dig into the batter's box.

--Christy Lee, BYB Features Writer

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