Tuesday, December 25, 2012


If you read Mark Feinsand's Tweet, it's clear the Yankees want to do something, but what? Feinsand's tweet reveals that Yankee brass want a righty outfielder.  Not a lefty who's 40 apparently.
But what are the options? Not too many, unless you want to trade players away and pick up big salaries.  Look at Vernon Wells for instance.  The Angels have suggested they would trade him, but the Yankees talk out of both sides of their mouth.
If they want to take this stance that the Yankees are being "smart" and picking up "cheap" options, and then they "check in" on Vernon Wells, it's kind of a contradiction isn't it?

How about Logan Morrison? He was a guy that was connected to the Yankees for a total of 3 minutes very early in the off season.  One problem, he's a lefty. He's also 25, so in the grand scheme of things, does right handed power truly matter if you're exchanging it for youth? Plus, let's be honest, if the Yankees really wanted a right handed outfielder, why did they let Andruw Jones walk? Sure, he wasn't the greatest option, but he was what they wanted, a "cheap" right handed bat with power.  Again, they talk out of both sides of their mouth.  WHAT IS IT THEY REALLY WANT?

We here at BYB suggested replacing Raul Ibanez with a guy like Jason Kubel. Read that HERE.  We'd have to trade for him, and to be honest, it's a smart trade scenario and I accept it. It makes sense. There is now chatter that Kubel would be a better fit for the Rangers, read HERE. I will bet you he slips through the cracks for the Yankees, just because they'll claim he bats lefty and that's what the Yankees DON'T want.  But seriously, I don't think the Yankees really know what they want, do you?

I always go back to my fall back, the most impossible guy we could ever snag, but a guy I truly want in pinstripes and someone that Yankee fans would fall in love with, Giancarlo Stanton.  Will he be a Yankee? Probably not, but in the back of my mind, I am always thinking the way I think the Yankee brass would think.  What I mean is, they are ass backwards.  They say they want to save a few bucks and Cashman is constantly saying they need to see "what kind of money they have left-over", yet, they don't sign guys "within the budget". Then, POW, a surprise happens and they have figured out a perfect trade scenario. But they are all over the map, I mean, is that because they are trying to work out a trade or sign a younger free agent or what?

It's all highly annoying and why should I care at this point, right?  Like I stated clearly in YANKEE FANS REVOLT: "ENOUGH'S ENOUGH!", I've had it trying to figure out the next move.  They don't exactly care about the fan here and I guess I'm done trying to place players in pinstripes.  Christmas has come and gone, and as predicted, we haven't gotten anything for Christmas.

Enjoy today Ladies & Gentlemen, it's a beautiful Christmas morning on the East coast today. I hope it is wherever you are.

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