Thursday, December 20, 2012


The Cubs have a deal in place for Edwin Jackson.  It's supposed to be a 4 year deal worth about $52 million, pending a physical.  Read about the deal HERE.

$52 million for 4 years for a guy that has a 4.40 career ERA and has been on 7 teams in 10 seasons, not to mention the Cubs will now be his 8th club.  That doesn't scream stability to me, that screams "rotation filler." 

Nothing against Jackson's talent (even though he's inconsistent) and I'm sure he's a nice guy, but there is something worrisome when a 29 year old is moved around that much.  I applaud Jackson for getting the deal. Look, I was convinced last season that no one would sign this guy long term.  Don't forget, last season I suggested his agent at the time, Scott Boras ruined Jackson when he was asking for 5 years/$60 million and ended up latching onto the Nationals for 1 season.  Read  WHY EDWIN JACKSON IS THE LAST MAN STANDING where I wrote "Edwin Jackson's agent Scott Boras tried to convince the world that Edwin Jackson wasn't Edwin Jackson. Instead, Boras over shot, and went to the press suggesting his client should receive a 5 year deal worth $60 million HERE. That's wasn't only stupid, it was freaking hilarious. Not only does Jackson not deserve that type of contract, he can't live up to it... no offense."

Now, earlier in this post, I was blaming Scott Boras for ruining baseball and for working out this deal for Jackson.  I was mistaken and thanks to AzCubsFan, who kindly pointed out in the comments section below, Jackson ditched Soctt Boras for Legacy Sports and that's who worked out this deal for Jackson:
Because I don't want to look like a total tool (too late), I am happy to correct the record and I apologize for bringing the BYB audience bad info when I wrote earlier:  " long as Scott Boras is around, baseball will continue to give away bloated contracts to players who probably can't live up to them."

I guess Jackson reads BYB, because in that WHY EDWIN JACKSON IS THE LAST MAN STANDING piece, I also wrote: "Message to Mr. your agent, he's delusional."

Nice. Good looking out AzCubsFan. Thanks. 

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