Thursday, December 27, 2012


I waited on this story until I was able to confirm it. It can now be revealed that Hideki Matsui is going to retire.  That comes from a Japanese website called, HERE. The translation (HERE) is below:

Hideki Matsui "has decided to retire" and a press conference for Matsui will take place in  "NY on the 28th."

It's both sad and a happy time Yankeeland. Matsui will do his press conference in New York, where he stated his American career as Yankee.  

His best moment was the 2009 World Series where he literally carried the New York Yankees to a World Championship.  He was amazing and it was the perfect way for him to go out in Yankeeland! 
My 2 other favorite moments for Matsui was when he was welcomed back to Yankee stadium the next season to pick up his Championship ring and the Yankees gave him a fake one.  I loved watching Matsui hugging our guys... he could always handle a joke.

The second moment was when he married his wife after a bet with Derek Jeter and at a mini-press conference, read HERE, showed a picture of him... an illustration he drew.  I still laugh when I think about it.

Matsui was a great Yankee.  He will go down in history as a true team player, excellent teammate (from what I've read) and just an all around good player. 

I tip my hat to one of my favorite Yankee players... he's a good egg and I'll continue to wear my #55 during the season.  The difference though is my stitching on that jersey reads "Matsui" across the back, not Russell Martin.

Good luck Hideki, I wish you the best. Thanks for being so good to us.

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