Wednesday, December 5, 2012


According to Danny Knobler of CBS, his Tweet HERE indicates that the Yankees want Jeff Keppinger...bad.  It would mean a 3 year deal worth about $13 million, according to Knobler.

Keppinger could easily fill in at 3rd base while Alex Rodriguez heals and that's fine. He's an infielder and plays all infield positions.  Perfect utility guy but I would assume 3rd base is where the Yanks would want him. There was once a guy that no one in New York had faith in when they signed him out of Oakland.  His name was Scott Brosius and he ended up being a star in New York.  I'm not saying that will happen with Keppinger, but I see this kid lighting it up in the Bronx with a big opportunity waiting. 

Eric Chavez is also on the Yankees radar, read HERE.  If we had him, Keppinger at shortstop and throw Eduardo Nunez in the mix, (I just goaned) and it's a band aid situation until we know for sure that Derek Jeter is back on his feet and Alex is back, I predict July for that.

Personally, I love the idea of Kevin Youkilis, but that's just me.  A 1 year deal and a lot of anger and aggression at 3rd and he can sometimes fill in at first...Hey, I'd love to see it.

Day 3 of the Winter Meetings... the Yanks have nothing but alot of talk and wonder among us Yankee fans....I guess we need to stay patient.

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