Monday, December 3, 2012


Sometimes things happen in life that makes you think. Sometimes alittle too much. Sometimes all the writing in the world doesn't always get your feelings off your chest, and so you need to step back...

The trouble with me is, once I accomplish a goal, I move on.  Ironically, the one place where I'd usually voice frustration for my team is the one place I won't be doing it as often.  I can tell you one thing though, the friendships and communication I've had with all of you has been tremendous and I know that's not changing.

I write a lot about just how blessed I am. I am on so many levels. My family is fun and they make me very happy. You all are like my family too and I know that if something is really bothering you, more than a comment on our page, you may shoot me a note, like a close friend would on one. I don't always have the answer, but I'll try my best. And I continue to welcome that when needed.
The Yankees mean a lot to me too. I've witnessed so many incredible moments as a fan and I've told you the stories. Joe Torre, Phil Rizzuto, Bucky Dent and Aaron Boone. Even Sergio Mitre. Freaking Sergio Mitre, the biggest thorn in my side ironically was the 1 Yankee that kept me pushing hard for the past 2 plus years. It all started with my frustration for him...just nuts. But the fact of the matter is there is so much more out there that I'd also like to accomplish and I can't do BYB in the capacity I want to any longer. Trust me, if there were 40 hours in a day, I could do it with ease. I mean, we have become the fastest growing Yankees blog on the Internet. I mean, are you kidding me??
We have direct lines to dudes like Paul O'Neill and Dante Bichette Jr... with Raul Ibanez and Ty Hensley. The point is, liking us and loving us are 2 different things...and it's because you loved us that made me push myself harder than any test or tryout I've ever had in life. But truth be told, I'm tired...very tired, and I need to step back.

The friendships are real here at BYB. The writers we have are talented and real and the conversation and passion here is the most epic thing about this website. That's right, a website. Sure we were a blog, but we blew up like a Jay-Z album and now website sounds fitting. Sure we rant, but there's new material up every single day and you can't say that about the others. Plus, Laura Posada wears our freaking shirt... you can't get much better than that!

I've told you before that if it wasn't for the readers who read BYB, we'd be writing for ourselves. But you found us and you love us. We love you too.

I once wrote that I would continue to do this until it wasn't fun anymore.  It's not too fun anymore, it's become exhausting. Trust me, if this was the only thing I had to do in life, you'd see more and more content and you'd get more laughs and information than we give you now... all day and all night. The truth is though, I know what I can accomplish and while this was a pretty big goal for me, it wasn't easy to get here. But the vision was clear and I did it, my way and the building block is a success story for me. I'm happy. It's what I've been preaching for a while now... Nose to the grindstone and shoot for the stars, like the New York Yankees.
Sure, I want to keep going and I will in some capacity, but now I feel like I'm grinding it out rather than letting it flow. After a while, it catches up to you. Now I know how Jorge Posada truly felt. Once you get to the point where you look in the mirror and realize that the mind or legs or heart don't feel the same, there are a few options; you keep going, hoping to still perform but just go through the motions.  You can disappear and be spineless and make it all about yourself.  Or, you can bow out with massive respect for the game, for the fans and for all the hard work the team did with you and occasionally, contribute and wave to the crowd... I choose that one.

This is NOT goodbye, I insist on that. In fact, consider me a Player and Manager. I'm here, Bleeding Yankee Blue is NOT closing shop, but let's just say things will move alittle differently, maybe even slower some days, and that's my fault because I spoiled you.  But trust me, the product is here and always will be. It was created by me and read by you.  It just may look different soon, yet the vision is clear... be different than the others and gain your love and respect every single day.

Look, BYB has always been chock full of great stories and great information. Oh, and we make you laugh, that's important. None of that will change. The pace? Well, that may but you'll just have to keep clicking on us to make sure.

Look, BYB did something the others didn't, I saw it when we started and I rode the wave. First off,  we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're fans first... we're you.  Sure, I could Sabermetrics my ass off, but who really cares about that when I'd be a carbon copy of all the other blogs?  I never wanted that, I wanted to be different. We are different and that's what keeps you coming back. Thank you.

Second, we found a female fan base of die hard Yankee fans and made them our own readers. We tapped into it.  We have more female writers than any other blogs out there! We tapped into their talents and resources and they helped us rise up. Guess what? You love them and I couldn't be happier about that. We have the best writers in all of Yankee blogging in Jesse Schindler.  He's the future, mark my words.  The point is, we built something here the others don't have... We're family and we took all the parts the others didn't notice, and used them to our advantage... We're real.

So, know this; "Shutting down" is not in the plan for Bleeding Yankee Blue...No way.  But we are dropping to curtain on Act 1. We'll still be here, but we may look different...and we'll have some new surprises. And remember, sometimes "different" is a good thing. Consider it a revamp. Consider it new again. And consider it still the same darn "real fan website" you have always read.

Hey, BYB is alive and well and we're not signing off. But one thing I vowed was to keep you guys in the loop since day 1 and it continues today. I will always be here, but I have other responsibilities and I know you all understand and respect that.

But now the curtain falls... Stay tuned for the'll know it when it happens... trust me.

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