Monday, December 17, 2012


Who's Nick Cafardo? One of the best Boston sports guys out there.  I tend to lean toward Pete Abraham who used to cover the Yankees beat back in the day and now covers the Sox, but Nick is the man and he floated a very interesting idea that he is hearing from "some"...

"...It will be interesting to see where Bourn’s market goes. Some believe the Yankees are quietly interested and will pounce if the price comes down, which would give them the leadoff hitter they have wanted for some time..."

Cafardo's full piece from the Globe is HERE. Michael Bourn is a terrific athlete, he's 29, he's got mad speed. The idea that he can demand millions in the free agent market is not far fetched, but I just don't see how the Yankees could compete with that in their "hurry up and wait" state right now.  You have to figure if the Yankees couldn't afford someone like Josh Hamilton, how in the world can they afford anyone else demanding a big contract.  Then again, Brian Cashman is a genius when it comes to the shell game and we could wake up on Christmas morning and Bourn's in pinstripes. Stranger things have happened. One issue with Bourn and this is my own theory... Scott Boras is his agent.  I doubt the Yankees are touching that.
Besides, if it were to happen, I hope he doesn't turn into another Tony Womack... remember him?

Thank you Nick for this nugget. No offense to Tony Womack...

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