Friday, December 7, 2012


Friendships bring joy to everyone at one point or another. Luckily for us at Bleeding Yankee Blue, we have a few hook ups through friendships and a few months ago we brought you news about Don Larsen who was putting up the jersey he wore when he pitched his perfect game in 1956 for auction so he could raise money for his grandson's college. Read LARSEN TALKS TO BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE. Well, one good deed deserves another. Not only that. when people stand up and are so giving, we celebrate them here at BYB. It's just nice, plain and simple.

Mr. Larsen's World Series perfect game jersey sold at auction on December 5th for $756,000. Steiner Sports were the operation behind the auction. You know Steiner Sports, Brandon Steiner may be one of the smartest guys out there working with hundreds of players and many teams to offer certified memorabilia. (Read YOU GOTTA HAVE BALLS: A BRANDON STEINER EXCLUSIVE). In a nutshell, if you need help like Larsen did, you reach out and he'll run the darn thing.

The winning bid was made by Mr. Pete Siegel who is the CEO of Siegel said of the winning: "We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to acquire this uniform from one of the most historic games in baseball history."

(In photo: Brandon Steiner)
Brandon Steiner, founder & CEO of Steiner Sports, said:  “this was the company’s biggest auction ever and the relationships we have with the athletes is what this is all about.” Gotta love that quote. Think about it for a second... I always talk about the fans and players relationship and how I wish that the interaction would be better... Like the old days. Steiner makes that possible.

As far as Don Larsen is concerned, he said "I am just delighted, and relieved, too...This will sure take care of the college education of my grandchildren, and leave a few dollars for a nice family vacation. I’m happy that the uniform worn on my greatest day has found a great home for a long time to come.”

A happy story all around. People taking the time to help each other, showing kindness, from Larsen, to Steiner, and the trend will continue somewhere else in America every second of the day. You gotta love humanity and human decency.   In the end, Larsen's grandchildren, Cody and Justin get a good education and then pass the torch being kind to someone else at some other time in their life... and so on and so forth...

Everybody wins.  

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