Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We all know about the now world famous fake text exchange between Joba Chamberlain and Kevin Youkilis by us here at BYB. Read JOBA & YOUKILIS EXCHANGE TEXTS for a laugh.  The reality is, I anticipated that Joba would actually reach out to Kevin when Youk signed his deal with the Yankees.  It turns out, being a good Yankee, that is exactly what Joba Chamberlain did.

The New York Daily News has the full story HERE, but here are some quotes from Joba talking about Youk joining the Yankees and how it went down when he made his "real" phone call, according to the Daily News:

"Joba Chamberlain has officially ended any feud that may have existed with Kevin Youkilis.

In fact, Chamberlain reached out to his former nemesis with a phone call, thrilled to welcome Youkilis to the Yankees.
'I’m glad to have him on our side of things...'

 '...We’re both grown men, we both like to play the game,' Chamberlain said. 'We’ll continue to move on. I’m glad he’s in our uniform and hopefully he can hit a few balls to right field over the fence for us and not against me like he’s done before.'"
The odd part of this? Well, Kevin Youkilis hasn't called back Jobas yet.  Hey, maybe I wasn;'t too far off in my text exchange suggesting Youk wants at least 1 shot to punch Joba in the mouth. You know... real guy shit. Then, once the beef is settled.... they can play ball as teammates. 

Who knows.  I just love the way Joba has grown up in front of our eyes and I love that he made the call.  Way to go Joba.

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