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When I was a kid, I remember watching a show called the Great Space Coaster.  On it, there was a guy named Gary Gnu.  He was a puppet newscaster that often said "No Gnews is good Gnews"  Let’s be honest… it annoyed the shit out of me and to this day, when I hear the expression, "No News is good News", I think back to that stupid puppet.

The Great Space Coaster producers are laughing their asses off right now because after all these years, that tiny nugget of pop culture is stuck in my brain…. And I hate it.

The New York Yankees haven’t done much of anything this winter, and I wonder is no news is good news. I mean, I can’t help but think that it isn’t the end of the world like so many believe today was going to be…12-21-12. 

No, in fact, the Yanks made a few good moves, like Ichiro Suzuki and sure, they let a lot of guys go sign elsewhere, like AJ Pierzynski, read HERE. Many didn’t sign with the Yankees because we felt they were too expensive, or wanted too many years, or just weren’t worth it.  Cashman is stealth in that regard, we never really know the reasons "why" we don't sign them, but we do this year.  Think back to that Wall Street Journal piece from a month ago or so, (HERE) revealing the details of why the winter meetings were so lackluster for the Yanks… a lot of it makes sense.

I’m not mad at my Yanks. I'm also not thrilled with this new sluggish mentality they have either.  I know what they’re doing, I’m doing my best to try to accept it, but Lord knows, that if you were a child who grew up in the Steinbrenner era, this is very, very weird…like Gary Gnu.

With all that’s been done this year with the Blue Jays, the Red Sox and the already hot Baltimore Orioles, can the Yankees succeed? Of course they can, but it will not be easy.  There are plenty that think that the Yankees run is over and we will see a few seasons of third place, or worse.  I say “Believe.”  Believe in the players we have and root your heart out.  Because at the end of the day, I truly just love to see my Yankees play hard.  I love to watch them on a hot July day at the stadium, or in March when they doing pre-season ball.  It doesn’t matter to me.  There is something very refreshing about watching Yankees baseball... dudes in Yankee pinstripes being announced or signing autographs for little kids.  I feel alive when it comes to the Yankees.  I feel like I’ve invested a lot of time in these guys over the years, and while I understand the mentality of any fan, that we need to win and win it all,  I often think about just how hard it is to get there in the first place too.  Think about it, all those players came up the same way, hard work, heart, soul and baseball.
(Photo Credit: Marci Hensley / Ty Hensley)
No one made me realize that more than a guy named Jorge Posada. And someone reminded me of it recently...  Ty Hensley's mother Marci Hensley who watched her own husband Mike struggle to get to the top in baseball in the 1990’s as well as her son now.  She said in our interview THANKSGIVING WITH THE HENSLEYS :
I do know that making it to the majors is more about a bunch of factors such as health, opportunity, and work ethic coming together.  That doesn't happen in one season with kids coming out of high school. It takes some time, in pinstripes or in some other jersey, it doesn't matter."
It’s true.  Were just the fan who pay big money to watch and root, but have we even thought about just how hard it is to make it there? I’m opening my eyes lately.  

So yeah, the Yankees didn’t do much and who knows, they still may or may not, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we aren't getting anything this Christmas this year.  I’m OK with that, but I still want a winning team on the field come Opening day...That’s what I want from Yankee brass.   Then, when the season starts, we’ll see who the real men are and who falls by the waste side.  At the end of the day… these are still my  Yankees, yours too and we love them like true fans… and that’s the honest truth, whether it's big money players or rookie sensations, or the guy with the biggest heart on the field.  In the end, they are 25 guys who have to win it all....for us.

Enjoy your Friday. 

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