Thursday, December 27, 2012


There was a real good piece from the New York Daily News and Bob Raissman from December 14th (read HERE).... and I can't believe I even missed it.  Why? Because it had 2 lightening rods attached to it. Alex Rodriguez and John Kruk.  Now, I have nothing against John Kruk anymore, after he responded to Bleeding Yankee Blue on Twitter when we asked him simply to acknowledge the stupid "dancing" of Jose Valverde as bad sportsmanship if he was going to target Nick Swisher's chest beating in that Red Sox game early last season.  He did.  Read JOHN KRUK RESPONDS TO BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE for guidance on that.  
But back to Raissman's piece.  A good piece in reference to Alex Rodriguez and his second hip surgery.  A good read. One problem, he's using Kruk as an expert and the reality is, there are plenty of people more qualified than John Kruk when it comes to forming an opinion on a second hip surgery and Alex Rodriguez. Kruk "thinks A-Rod will never be the same. 'What are the chances of that hip coming back 100%? Not very good. It’s going to be a huge struggle for him,' Kruk, who was elevated to  ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” booth replacing Terry Francona, said over the telephone. 'I hope not. I don’t wish bad on any player, but it’s a devastating injury to have your front hip (when you’re hitting) maybe immobile for the rest of the season when he comes back.'

For Kruk, any comparisons to how Rodriguez rebounded from right hip surgery in 2009 (30 homers, 100 RBI before leading the Bombers to a World Series title ) are invalid. Kruk kept emphasizing how important the front hip is to a hitter because “it takes all the torque,” the turning, twisting force.

'If it (the left hip) is not turning and rotating with force, he’ll never be that power guy again,' Kruk said. '. . . He can’t stand there with that big leg kick and try hitting home runs, He has to make a complete adjustment to his swing. If he can’t, he’s in big trouble. Alex is such a big guy, he’s going to accidentally hit 20 homers, but he’s not going be a 35- to 40-homer guy anymore.'"

Now John Kruk is a former ball player, he knows how to play the game, he knows injury... but all I'm saying is, isn't it just obvious, to you, to me, to the world that Alex may not ever "be the same?"  Plus, why not just make it a better news item and interview a hip doctor that understands the injury and can give a true analysis on the Alex hip situation. Or maybe do a man on the street type piece and ask a variety of people baseball fans, Yankee fans, etc and get their opinions. I mean, the reality is a few of them would be bound to give you the same opinion Kruk did.

Bob Raissman writes a great piece, he just has the wrong "expert".  My take? Alex won't be the same player, but I've been saying that for a year now. You guys have stated it as well in your comments.  Alex is older, it's a bum hip... it's a double whammy.  Sure he could be a star again, but there are so many obstacles to climb.  Could he do it? Yes... but will he? No.

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