Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Derek Lowe: The reality of Derek Lowe is he wants to be a starter. The problem is, in my mind at least, is he is better off being a reliever with the option to start, much like Freddy Garcia did for us. Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe HERE says that Lowe has heard  from 5 teams and told Cafardo, "I want to be a starter and feel I have a lot left in being a regular starter in a rotation and making my 30-plus starts." Now to be honest, I was not excited about Lowe when the Yanks picked him up last season.  Read IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT for guidance. After I wrote that piece, it was reported that David Phelps would replace CC Sabathia in that rotation spot, and the rest with Lowe and the Yankees was history last year. He ended up holding is own, he knew his role and I liked him in that spot.  Whatever happens, I wish Lowe good luck.

Andruw Jones: Jones made a big mistake.  I'm not getting into his private situation with his wife, but let's just report it straight. Above is Andruw's mug shot. He was arrested on Christmas morning at 4:00 am.  According to the police report and told by the Altanta Journal Constitution HERE, "...Nicole Jones told officers she and Andruw had hosted a Christmas party Tuesday night and that Jones had consumed several alcoholic beverages.

After the party, she told Jones that they needed to prepare the house for Christmas morning and asked him to help her assemble a computer table, the police report stated.

According to the report, Nicole Jones said Andruw became belligerent as they worked on the desk and grabbed her by the left arm. She pulled away and attempted to go upstairs, according to the report, but Jones grabbed her by the ankle, pulled her down and put his hands around her neck and said, “I want to kill you, I want to [expletive] kill you...”
Andruw Jones is out on bond.

Oscar Madison: Jack Klugman played Oscar Madison in the "Odd Couple." It was a show that evolved from the film of the same name in which Walter Matthau played Oscar. Matthau also played Oscar in a Broadway play.  But I liked Jack as Madison best. I loved his passion for the Knicks, the Mets and the character itself was terrific.  If you didn't know, Madison was a sports writer and here's a nugget from YouTube in one of my favorite clips when Oscar and Felix Ungar we on the show Password.

Jack Klugman passed away on Monday, December 24th, read about it HERE.  He was 90. Rest in peace Jack.

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