Tuesday, December 4, 2012


This Yankees luxury tax stuff is for the birds, especially if you're a fan like me.  If you were brought up as a child of the Steinbrenner Era, this is driving you crazy like it's driving me crazy. I read Twitter and I get nuts! It's being Tweeted by Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe right now that there is an offer on the table from the Red Sox to Shane Victorino for 3 years and $39 million. Read HERE. Nick and Pete Abraham are the main dudes up there and know everything, so if Nick says that the Red Sox look like they could seriously land Shane, I want to scream.

Now, look, the Yankees have checked in on Shane Victorino...that comes from a Jerry Crasnick ESPN Tweet HERE,  but showing the money is something totally different.  I have no doubt that the Red Sox will snatch up Victorino in the next several hours and at that point, blood will start to boil in Yankeeland among us fans.  Not only is a division rival making a serious run in the Winter Meetings in the Red Sox, but we are also going to be competing against the Toronto Blue Jays next year, now, serious contenders as well.

If Brian Cashman thinks he can just get a bunch of band-aid players until 2014 when Manny Banuelos and Michael Pineda are healthy and pitching for us... he's got another thing coming. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen...

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