Saturday, December 8, 2012


Babe Ruth was a Boston Red Sock before he was a New York Yankee. So was Sparky Lyle and Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens and Eric Hinske  and Johnny Damon. Now, it is possible that Kevin Youkilis joins this group of ballplayers. Sure, they wore the red and white and had the scruff like Damon did with his ridiculous "caveman" look, but he and the others came to the Bronx and something happened... We fell in love with them.
The uniform doesn't matter to these players, but the will and desire to play the game in win over the fans wearing the uniform DOES matter and if they can win it all too, well, that's a huge part of it. I believe that.
 I've always admired Kevin Youkilis desire to win and I like his "gamer" mentality. I've never liked the Red Sox, and now that I think about it, I never liked Wade Boggs when he was with Boston either, but maybe it's my age, or priorities, values, who knows, somethings changed. Youk is a competitor. Sure, the dude gets hurt a lot and that sucks, so substituting him for a hurt Alex Rodriguez is a chance we're taking...IF he comes to New York.

I say "IF" because, while the Yankee offer is in, 1 year, $12 million, nothing's happenend yet. Damn... Remember when players wanted to come to New York? Now we're competing with a horrible Indians club who upped their offer to 2 years and $16 million.  Everyone wants to know what will happen next...I sure do.
My take on this is simple, Youks agent's are right now working the phones trying to get 2 years out of the Yanks...if he does, he comes to the Bronx, if not, he goes to Cleveland.

But I have to tell you... The conversations on whether or not Youkilis will come to New York have become silly and absolute madness. This is baseball we're talking about, not a World War. Since when does someone who wants Youkilis on the Yanks suddenly a "traitor" or "not a true" Yankee fan?  That's bologna. I need to give it to you straight; The name calling... it's freaking childish. Grow up, no offense. Baseball is supposed to bring people together... You guys got it all wrong.  Youkilis may have been a Red Sock, but if he comes to the Yankee... Guess what, he'll be a Yankee, whether you like it or not.  Now you can interpret it anyway you want, you can tell us on social networks that you won't watch, won't root and won't go to the games, but what did you do when Damon came to New York?
What did you do when Wade Boggs came to New York? You rooted, you watched and you watched players become champions, just like you always did.  The bitching and moaning and name calling is so "out there", it's good enough reason for me to close up shop.

I'll say this and then I'll drop it... If Youk puts on the pinstripes and the Yankees are successful in 2013 and he was a big part of it... He'll be praised, no matter what he was before, just like Johnny Damon, and Wade Boggs... and Babe Ruth.

So, in a nutshell... come to New York Youk... I welcome you...keep the tradition of champions going!

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