Saturday, December 15, 2012


That's right, this off season gets alittle nutty sometimes.  We originally told you that Anibal Sanchez was signing with the Cubs for 5 years, read CUBS TO SIGN ANIBAL SANCHEZ...MAYBE. Turns out, he may have been and the Tigers didn't want to let it happen.

Originally, it was reported that the Tigers didn't want to go 5 years on the guy.  I think once the Tigers realized they were about to have a hole in their rotation, they quickly jumped in, sweetened the deal and got him back.  Good for them.  The deal is for 5 years and $80 million... read Bob Nightengale HERE.

The original offer from the Cubs was 5 years and about $75 million.  When your dealing with that much money... what's $5 million, honestly.  I can't even wrap my head around that. 

Truth be told, I think Sanchez liked playing in Detroit, wanted that extra year and wanted to play for a contender... that's what it came down too... and money of course.

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