Friday, December 14, 2012


It's been 2 days since the deal between the Yankees and Kevin Youkilis was first announced. I've seen every comment ever written about Youk and it's hilarious just how insane this Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is.

Red Sox fans have resorted to calling this guy "trash" and a "traitor". Yankee fans are split. Many like the move, some hate it, others aren't sure. Some call him "old" and hope he doesn't get hurt. Still others are happy we filled the hole at third and can now concentrate on the catching position. Me? I welcome Youk. Was he our best option at $12 million? Well... Yes, actually, now at least after all the other options passed us by.
Look, we could have signed Eric Chavez, but there were reasons why we didn't. For one, the rumor is he lives in Phoenix and wanted to be close to his family during the season. Hey, I'm a family man, that makes perfect sense to me. Secondly, Chavez can not play the hot corner everyday like he used to. Sure, he's a former Gold Glover, but who honestly knows how long Alex Rodriguez will be out with his surgery and recovery in 2013.  It's risky putting Chavez at 3rd every day until Alex comes back.

Finally, the Yankees didn't want him, because if they did, they would have signed him at $3 million (Read HERE.) That's a helluva lot cheaper than $12 million. You know what I mean? Look, based on that Wall Street Journal piece last week (HERE), it makes perfect sense to me now why the Yankees seemed to be late to the party and signed Youk so late.  And hey, do not be shocked if the Yanks don't upgrade the catching role either. There have been rumblings that Cashman has no intention of doing so, which means guys like Francisco Cervelli, Chris Stewart and Austin Romine may be our guys behind the plate in 2013.

But back to Youkilis for a second.  To all the Yankee fans that can't comprehend what has happened to the Yankees signing a guy like ex-Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis, know this, Youk plays hard and he always has.  Youk may not be a Yankee yet in you mind, and true, he'll need to earn it, but I believe he will.  Youk's a gamer, and one thing you need to understand, and just like Chavez before him... Youk knows his role and will perform.  I believe that.  I was speaking to someone on Twitter the other day and he wrote this:
I get it, but I also have a gut feeling on Youk and the history of the Yankees and players that have come up big when many didn't ever see it coming.  I responded like this:
In a nutshell it's easy for me as a fan of the pinstripes. Something happens when players become the Yankees... they do magical things.

I believe Youk will deliver and much like we rooted for Sparky Lyle and Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens before him... we will fall in love with this guy when he does what the Yankees have always done... Win!

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