Sunday, November 25, 2012


...I'm kidding.  I have nothing to do with the Yankees inquiring about Giancarlo Stanton.  But like I stated in THE GIANCARLO STANTON SCRAMBLE HAS BEGUN, 2 weeks ago, "The Yankees would be fools to not ask about Giancarlo Stanton. A right fielder with power and youth on his side and an anger for his current team. Seems like a perfect recipe to me."  Now Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globs states in his piece HERE, that it is in fact true. I'm loving Nick right now.

Nick writes simply that the Yankees and other teams have checked in on Stanton.  It's a must. How can you not? The Miami Marlins fire sale a few weeks ago was a disgrace for a team that wanted to be the Yankees of the south.  They didn't have patience, they traded off their guys and Giancarlo Stanton still stands, alone wondering what the hell happened.

Bottom line, if the Yankees can pull off a trade for a right fielder in Giancarlo Stanton, that's not only a solid player, he's young and he will thrive in the Bronx.  There are plenty of rumors going around that Stanton "hates" New York.  I don't listen to that crap unless I hear it from the player himself.  Trust me, Stanton in pinstripes would be a huge boost to this club... I just have no idea what to make of it yet though... so stay tuned...

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