Thursday, November 8, 2012


We'll have our own thoughts on Torii Hunter and Justin Upton and whether or not they are good fits for the Yankees over the next few days on Bleeding Yankee Blue, but we just wanted to fill you in on this:

It's being reported that the Yankees are not sure if Justin Upton is a "good fit" in the Bronx.  We broke down a scenario that makes sense late last night though because we'd like Upton in New York. The problem is we'd just need to figure out exactly which guys the Yankees could ship off for a trade. That's where Brian Cashman comes in...stay tuned for that, and read WHY THE YANKEES MAY NEED JUSTIN UPTON.

The second item is Torii Hunter and word is that Hunter wants a 2 year deal.  The Yankees aren't willing to offer Hunter a 2 year deal worth $20 million, according to sources. So what does that mean? It would have to be more like a 1 year deal... but let's be honest, at that point, just resign Raul Ibanez and Ichiro and you get a Frankenstein-Torii Hunter, and probably for a hell of a lot cheaper! You can read BYB's take on Hunter though in WHY TORII HUNTER MAKES SENSE. We wrote that before the GM meetings.

Bottom line... it appears Hunter and Upton are "off the table" for the Yankees... but hey, that's what rumors are for... stay tuned.

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