Saturday, November 3, 2012


(Photo Credit: TMZ)
Sure, this is gossip and I hate to even report about it but it is interesting.  Alex Rodriguez was with Torrie Wilson in Beverly Hills looking at homes. TMZ is reporting that the 2 of them were looking "house shopping", read HERE.  Look, I hate to even be drawing conclusions from this, it's gossip but the fact of the matter is, with everything going on with Alex, the trade rumors, the hammering of this poor guy in every game, you do need to think about it if you're a fan. That being said, USA Today has a piece out titled Yankees, Alex Rodriguez far from Splitsville, Bob Nightengale writes:

"You cannot be traded when no one wants you.

Not one team, a Yankees official told USA TODAY Sports, has called the club asking about Rodriguez. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the Yankees do not publicly discuss trade possibilities.

Then again, as a person familiar with Rodriguez's thinking said, there is not one team for which Rodriguez is willing to waive his full no-trade clause. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the topic."

Harsh but true. In other words, as I suggested when the season ended, Alex most likely isn't going anywhere. I just don't see it. In the end, the idea that Alex is looking at homes in Beverly Hills is just an item in Alex's life and probably nothing more. The reality is he can buy as many properties as he wants.  He's loaded and there shouldn't be any real suggestion that he's moving on from the Yanks just because he's on the West Coast.

Now, truth be told, I like Alex and Torrie together.  I could go through his Rolodex and tell you who I liked him with the best, that would be Kate Hudson, but I guess the reality is I  really don't care, I just feel like it's time for this guy to be happy because it's clear to me, on the outside looking in, he can have anything he wants in the world.  He could have any woman he wanted, he could have any "thing" he wanted, and yet, he seems like the loneliest guy in the room.
(In Photo: Kate Hudson with Alex)
Maybe that's why I feel like I have to constantly root for him.

Who knows, enjoy this and Happy Saturday.

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