Thursday, November 8, 2012


Twitter was frantic among Yankee fans today when word got out that the Marlins and the Red Sox were looking at Tino Matinez as a hitting coach. The first thing I thought of was "Tino on the Red Sox? Yuk." It didn't sit right with me, just like it didn't when Dave Cone and David Wells spent alittle time there, as players of course. Being a coach is different, but it's still gross.

Besides, ever since Babe Ruth, it only truly makes sense the other way around. Red Sox players leave Boston and then blossom with the Yankees in the Bronx. Don't believe me? Ask Sparky Lyle about that.

Anyway... I'm getting way too deep in the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry and all that stuff and I don't even need to. Why? Because the word has come down that Tino has been hired by the Miami Marlins, read HERE, and with that, Tino has stepped into the newest faze of another former Yankee great getting that whiff of coaching and who knows, maybe even managing one day.

Tino deserves it. He was dynamic with the Yankees and became his own man in New York after Don Mattingly. They were tough shoes to fill, but Tino wasn't trying to be Donnie...he just wanted to win in New York and he did and we fell in love with him.

So, now he moves on and best of luck to Tino and truth be told, the connection between him and the Bronx will never die!  Thank the good lord that you didn't go to the Sox!  Good luck #24!

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