Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Remember back in the winter of 2010 when all of Yankeeland was trying to decide who we liked better, Joakim Soria or Rafael Soriano? There were plenty of rumors going around, but one thing I distinctly remember was that Joakim Soria didn't seem too excited about wanting to be a New York Yankee, meaning, there was a no-trade clause list... and the Yankees were on it.  I went back in our archive and I found our post. Read WHY NOT SORIANO INSTEAD OF SORIA. I had written that because in a nutshell, Soria had a no-trade clause in his contract and the Yankees were a team he didn't want to be traded to, or so we thought. At the time, he claimed his agent, Oscar Suarez, did that as a "strategy." Soria said, ""There is a no-trade clause to the Yankees in my contract, but did not put it in myself. My agent put it as a strategy, but if the Royals decide to move me to New York I would be happy to play with the Yankees or another team.” 

Then, fast forward, the Yankees sign Rafael Soriano, Joakim Soria has Tommy John surgery and then suddenly yesterday, Andrew Marchand leaks out a story that says that suddenly Joakim Soria and his agent think the Yankees are the best team in the world because Mariano Rivera is Soria's "Idol."  I'm sorry, but if Mo was his idol, how come that never came out until now? Weird right? Soria's agent said "If the Yankees call, we will be all ears... If there is a fit, Joakim would be elated to work with Mo. He would close everywhere except there."  Read HERE.

Look, there is no question we could use a reliable set up guy and now that Rafael Soriano appears to be leaving the Bronx to close elsewhere, at least that's my theory, so Soria would make sense. He's a closer willing to set up Mariano, he's 28 years old and over the past 4 years he's averaged 36 saves. If he's willing to set up and then take the role after Mariano hangs it up, then I'm listening. But is this story really true or is this a nugget that Marchand heard from Oscar Suarez on his phone interview and there's more to it that wasn't printed? I don't know the answer... but I know this, If Soria is healthy come Spring 2013 and the Yankees can get him before the other 8 teams interested do, it could be a happy marriage in the Bronx...but we'll have to wait and see.  I'll tell you what though... I like this rumor a lot. Can you imagine that bridge to Mo? Joba, DRob, Soria and the Sandman...I mean seriously...lights out.

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