Saturday, November 17, 2012


The Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles are out to change the order of the American League Eastern Division. Good for them. Doesn't matter to me and my Yankees...Why? Because at the end of the day, the Yanks know they need to go out and win 1 day at a time no matter who they're playing. Will the Yankees make moves?  Well, Randy Levine says the Yankees have "an off-season plan" and it's very quiet in Yankeeland... It seems like something big could be in the works... or at least that's my hope.

The latest in Toronto is that they just inked a 2 year deal with Melky Cabrera worth $16 million, read HERE. Good for him, a clean slate and a new city. Now let's see how he does playing clean.

The Blockbuster trade with the Miami Marlins is up for review with Bud Selig, HERE, but if it goes through, they are building a team to compete hard against the Yanks and presumably the Red Sox too, who will be better now that Bobby Valentine is gone.

The Orioles will make a few moves and improve their great team of nobodies. They played great ball behind Buck Showalter who will be thinking about that ALCS loss all winter and come back better than last season, trust me. The Yankees just need to be better...that's it.

Will the Yankees make moves? They will, but what you will now see in Yankeeland is cranky fans who just want to start seeing shiny new toys wearing Yankee uniforms...anyone. I don't like to just pick anyone to soothe my addiction of big spending. The big question is who will they go after and can they do it without disrupting their plan to keep costs low?

We've given plenty of smart options here on Bleeding Yankee Blue... Shin-Soo Choo, Hiroki Kuroda, Dan Haren, Giancarlo Stanton, Logan Morrison, Ichiro Suzuki, Nick Swisher, Justin Upton, Raul Ibanez and so on and so forth.
Guys are out there, deals can be made... But Brian Cashman's job is getting harder now with major competition coming out of Toronto and Balitmore. Geez... It used to only be Boston and Tamps Bay we were worried about.
My, how times have feels like the early 90's again.  I wonder... Is Joe Carter next for Toronto?

The Yanks need to make a move and they need to make it now...Just sayin'.

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