Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The announcement came down alittle while ago and the 2012 Manager of the Year awards were given out. Read about it HERE. For the National League, the Washington Nationals Davey Johnson won. No brainer in my opinion.

For the American League, Bob Melvin of the Oakland Athletics won.  Wow.  I didn't see that coming.  Buck Showalter of the Baltimore Orioles should have won.  How in the world does he NOT win? His team gained 10 games on the Yankees in the AL East and played a very tough playoff against them.  In fact, he scares the hell out of me.  Bottom line, the Athletics had a better team for Melvin than the Orioles were for Buck. The difference was Buck made his boys believe in themselves and in that regard, they did an incredible job.  Sure alot of the credit goes to the team itself for playing so well, better than their numbers said, but Buck deserves a helluva lot of credit here too.  BYB would have given him Manager of the Year in the AL.

Congrats to Johnson and Melvin.  Good work this season.
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