Saturday, November 3, 2012


Reports right this moment are that Mariano Rivera has contacted the Yankees and wants to pitch next season.  This comes from George King III of the New York Post, read HERE.

According to King: "'Rivera contacted us and wants to play,' Cashman told The Post.

All that’s left is the legendary reliever and the only team he’s ever played for coming to terms on a one-year deal. Rivera made $15 million last year.

Cashman said he wasn't surprised and now will discuss a contract with Rivera over the coming week."

BYB will bring you our analysis of this situation between now and Monday, but I can tell you right now, this could potentially change alot with Rafael Soriano too.  Quite simply, if Mariano were to ask Rafael Soriano to take that setup role for next season for the Yankees, maybe the Yanks and RaSo could talk a bigger contract after 2013 once Mariano retires...assuming he does. In other words, RaSo could take over the Yankees closer role.  We'll get into it a bit tomorrow.

But for now, it's a beautiful day in the Bronx, despite the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Mariano is coming back... this makes me very happy.

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