Monday, November 26, 2012


Some days writing a blog about the New York Yankees can be painful.  Some days there is absolutely nothing to write about.  Some days we just look for any nugget and try to expand on it, give an opinion and you know what? It can be brutal.  That's happening right now...I got nothing.

Notice how Yankee fans get overly happy when we hear anything at all.  Hiroki Kuroda gets signed to a 1 year deal last week and it was the biggest news since the Boone home run.  We hang on every word and every nugget just so we can say, "Hey, we did something."  It's tough, especially when we read a lot more about what the Red Sox are doing, having meetings and such and us Yankees are not.  That's right, the Red Sox have chatted it up with Mike Napoli (Read HERE) and then had a meeting with Nick Swisher.  That's right, OUR NICK SWISHER.  Read about that HERE.

And what are the Yankees doing? Waiting for Andy Pettitte.  Waiting for Mariano Rivera.  Waiting.  You know what that does? It wastes time and it ticks off Yankee fans.

Actually, let me back up, I highly doubt that Brian Cashman is just sitting next to a phone waiting for Andy Pettitte to call.  He's better than that.
I mean, the report from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe about the Yankees reaching out to the Marlins about Giancarlo Stanton was brilliant, but let's just say it's partially a waste of time too.  I mean, I don't see the Marlins moving Stanton out of Miami, no matter how angry he is, but when it comes to Brian Cashman and his shell game with other clubs, he's pretty talented and makes things happen.  My point is, you never know.
But other than Stanton, who else would the Yankees really be longing for to snag with their $189 million payroll situation? Not too much.  The Yanks are about the missing pieces and junk heaps these days.  Those days of signing guys like Jason Giambi are long gone.  I remember even back then with Giambi, it was all over the news that the Yanks would go hard for him and they signed him quick.  A match made in heaven and then the wheels fell off and we didn't win a thing with him.  Who knows, maybe we've finally learned about big contracts and veteran guys.  Oh, who am I kidding?
We have Tex and CC Sabathia. Big contracts. Veteran guys.  No, this is bigger, and it's smarter too.  The Yankees just want to get under that cap and then they'll figure out what big guys they should move on after.  So no, it won't happen for 2013 but I believe that when push comes to shove, the Yankees will eventually be that team that makes the big splash day.  For now though, it's about creative maneuvering and undiscovered talent... and maybe alittle luck too.
Sure, Stephen Drew, Jeff Keppinger... they're out there and the Yanks have inquired.  Russell Martin is still around as well, but it's just a matter of dollars at this point.  Cash is counting his money slowly as to not over spend.  While I'm a Steinbrenner kid, I still get it.

But I need to tell you Cash... Yankeeland's getting impatient.

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