Wednesday, November 28, 2012


There would be Armageddon in the Bronx!

The reports are clear... Russell Martin wants a 4 year deal and between $9 and $10 million a year.  This is a guy who batted .211 in 2012.  Sure, the defense and closeness with the Yankees pitching was terrific, but 4 years? Seriously? I already scolded Mike Napoli in NAPOLI WANTS A 4 YEAR DEAL, AND IN OTHER HILARITY..., That greed gets you no where. Now, if Martin's batting .300 at the end of 2012, we're signing him up, but not now.   I said it then and I'll say it again, Martin needs to ask for a smaller deal and snag his job in New York back, it's that simple. Show the Yanks it's not about the money, it's about the up Napoli.

Then I got to thinking about Martin and the teams attached to him besides the Yankees this off season.  The Pittsburgh Pirates... the Seattle Mariners (read HERE.)  Then it hit me.
Could you imagine the uproar in the Bronx if the Seattle Mariners signed Russell Martin to be their primary catcher knowing good and well that they already have our ex-minor league superstar in Jesus Montero and we in return got a dude in Michael Pineda, who, at the young age of 23 is already broken down.  Now sure, when Pineda comes back fully healthy, he could be awesome for the Yankees, but first impressions are important and the dude seems like he already shit the bed if you know what I mean.

But back to my point.  Yankeeland was devastated when Montero was shipped out to Seattle and now that Russell Martin is a free agent, the likelihood of Martin signing someplace other than New York is real, it really is. If the Mariners are serious, it would cause chaos in New York.  Why? Because it didn't matter that Martin batted .211 last year, it's that uneasy feeling that our future catcher was Montero and if they take tough Russell away too, well, it just would feel like a bad omen or, you know how Yankee fans would react!

Bottom line, I have confidence that Martin and the Yankees will work out a deal.  To be honest, Martin would need to go lower than 4 years though... that's just ridiculous. If he does and he can be realistic about what he should get, there's no reason why we can't lock him in.  But if he gets greedy... the Yankees will let him walk... I really believe that.

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