Saturday, November 24, 2012


George King III of the New York Post (HERE) has a piece up today that talks about Ichiro Suzuki and his preference... playing again for the New York Yankees.  According to Ichiro's agent: “They are going after pitching first which is what the Yankees normally do... There has been a lot of interest [from teams], but he enjoyed playing for the Yankees so much it’s hard for him to say no to the Yankees. His preference is to stay there instead of going someplace else, but we will wait and see.’’

As a Yankee fan and an Ichiro fan, that makes me feel good to read, but as you know, waiting for guys has always been a problem in New York and sometimes when we wait too long for certain players, other players lose patience and walk away.  Let's hope that doesn't happen with Ichiro.

I love BYB readers and you all voted in our poll for Ichiro.  Read ICHIRO IS WHO BYB READERS WANT IN RIGHT FIELD. Trust me... I'm right there with you.

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