Saturday, November 17, 2012


I only being up Dioner Navarro because he's an ex-Yankee, a former farmhand and again, someone who the Yankees groom and then ship off.  Now, let me be fair, the Yankees never expected Navarro to be a superstar, but he was decent in his young career in New York.  The point is, and we'll have plenty about this in a Saturday morning post on BYB, the Yankee farm will never be what the Yankee fans want it to be.  Sure, there will be a kid once in a while that shine in pinstripes...

Jesus Montero was the last "big thing" and that didn't last long, but for the most part, the Yankees ship all these guys to other teams for veteran talent, or, they end up getting hurt and are never the same. Anyway, I'm getting way off base in my post, I'll have the post tomorrow... look for it.

Dioner Navarro signed a 1 year deal with the Chicago Cubs.  Read the story HERE. As the Chicago Tribune writes: "Navarro's salary for next season is $1.75 million. He could earn another 250,000 in performance bonuses."
And to think Navarro started with the Yankees in 2001 and debuted in 2004 and it's already 2012... Damn I'm old.

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