Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A quick nugget just because DeWayne Wise was a New York Yankee for 10 minutes last year. You remember what happened next right?  The Yanks designated him for assignment, read HERE and eventually outrighted to Triple A.  Wise quickly refused outright and was released. He in turn became pissed and was quickly snatched by up by the Chicago White Sox. I actually didn't blame him for being mad. Truth be told the Yankees could have and should have utilized him better, and didn't. Hey, life goes on... we snatched up Ichiro Suzuki.

Anyway, the White Sox have decided to bring back Dewayne Wise to Chi-town, a 1 year deal worth about $700,000, read HERE.  Good for him.  He's an above average outfielder with an OK bat.

My fondest moment of Wise as a Yankee? When he pitched in a 14-7 loss against the White Sox last year, Read HERE

Good luck DeWayne...Wise choice resigning with the Chisox. Get it? Damn I'm hilarious.

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