Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Shane Victorino: The Red Sox are interested, and his ability to play all outfield positions would give them a lot of versatility. They aren’t the only ones interested though, the Rangers, Indians and Reds are also inquiring. Read more HERE.

Cody Ross:  In our last update, BLEEDING YANKEE BLUE PLAYER TRACKER #7, we mentioned that the Phillies were checking in on Ross, read HERE. Now reports HERE that the Braves also have interest in him. Torii Hunter’s decision could directly impact where Ross signs because the same teams are interested in both players.

Torii Hunter: There are new headlines on Hunter every day. Latest on Hunter is that he was in Detroit on Tuesday, and that both sides want to come to an agreement. Read the latest from Scott Miller at HERE.  There is no contract yet, but it sounds promising.

Jed Lowrie: Several unknown teams have checked in on Jed and read about that HERE, but unless the Astros are overwhelmed with an offer they don’t have much reason to give him up. There are few shortstops that are available this year and he is under team control through 2014.

Jonny Gomes:  It looked like Gomes was headed to Oakland, but things didn’t pan out. Now that he is back on the market the Orioles are interested and could use him for DH and outfield duties. Read more on that HERE. 

Jason Bay: The Red Sox are a team that may be interested in a guy like Jason Bay and his services. Buster Olney tweets that HERE. Bay is looking for a job and the Red Sox know what he's capable of in Fenway.  I wouldn't give up on Bay just yet, I would just chalk up his problems in Queens as bad luck and nothing more. He's still solid.

--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ

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