Sunday, November 18, 2012


Billy Butler: The latest out of Kansas City is that the Royals are listening to offers for Billy Butler and Eric Hosmer.  Very interesting considered Butler was considered one of those guys that really brought new life to the Royals and has a passionate stable of fans supporting him.  You can read that rumor HERE.

Kevin Russo: Not 24 hours after I had written MAYBE THE GROOMING OF YOUNG YANKEE TALENT AIN'T WORKING   and stated that Russo never had a true shot in New York, he was signed to a minor league deal by the Detroit Tigers, read HERE.  Wow, goodbye Kevin Russo apparently. Watch, he'll come up and bite us in the ass in 2013 and I'll be sure to re-post my prospect post.  Good Luck to Russo.

Zack Greinke: Greinke could be on the move and according to the Boston Herald, the Los Angeles Dodgers appear to be the team to do it. Read HERE.

Juan Pierre: Pierre has signed with the Miami Marlins. In an off season that has imploded for the city of Miami, this signing is not exactly something spectacular.  It's my opinion that they pulled the trigger on Pierre so it at least looks like Loria and Samson did SOMETHING. Besides, Pierre is a former Marlin, but in reality, this signing means nothing, except to Pierre who has a job. Read about the signing HERE.

BJ Upton: It appears Upton has been approached by the Washington Nationals, read HERE.  No doubt Upton's outfield ability is appealing so I'd be curious if they make a big run for Upton. Stay tuned on this

Ichiro Suzuki: Back in the end of October, Ichiro expressed interest to come back to the Yankees.  They are a good fit, read HERE. There are also suggestions out there that the Detroit Tigers or the San Francisco Giants should indeed reach out to Ichiro for his services.  We'll have to see. I hope the Yankees snatch him up.

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