Monday, November 12, 2012


What do you make of Robinson Cano these days? He had a lackluster post season and his agent is Scott Boras.  To me, that's a bad combination.  Joel Sherman of the New York Post has a piece out that says in a nutshell that Cano's not going to take a discount after the 2013 season to stick around in the Bronx, especially if he can get big money as a free agent somewhere else.  Read Sherman HERE... he writes: "On one side is a team that wants to retain its best player long term, but do so with an eye on staying under the $189 million luxury tax threshold in 2014 while also avoiding the kind of mega-commitment that has gone rancid with Alex Rodriguez.  On the other side is a player who hired Scott Boras with an eye on maximizing his worth."

Nailed it and all of this is true. Unfortunately, it sucks to read the reality, but yeah, that's it.  I am curious though as to why the Yankees didn't lock up Robinson Cano right now. Look, Cano may have had a bad post season but chalk it up as a slump at the wrong time.  Cano has been reliable and productive since he made it to the major leagues.  Yankee fans love him and the Yankees want this guy to develop into a superstar, like Derek Jeter before him.  Now, the truth is, the Yankees are picking up Cano's 2013 option and that's buying them some time, but this was at one time a guy they considered the future of the Yankees. We here at BYB even anointed him our future Captain for crying out loud. Read WHY ROBINSON CANO IS OUR FUTURE CAPTAIN. The point is, wouldn't it be smart to lock him up instead of getting giving his agent free reign at the end of 2013 to exploit and embarrass both he and the Yanks as he searches for a 10 year deal and more money than he's not worth?
Look, it's my opinion that Scott Boras ruined this glorious game and I cringed the day Cano brought Boras on as his agent. Boras gets guys huge contracts, many times the players aren't even worth it and in the end, all it does is gives these players a reputation as being "greedy" and God forbid they don't perform, like Alex Rodriguez recently, they're crucified, yet Boras is just doing his job. Bottom line, when I read that the Yankees didn't want to sign Cano now, Boras crossed my mind as being the problem and I am not looking forward to the end of the 2013 season.

So what will most likely happen? My own speculation suggests that for starters, Robinson Cano has a good year... Not and outstanding year, a good one. Then, at the end of Cano's season, the Yankees can hopefully hammer out a deal with him based on that and not a .350 season with 35 home run season, because an outstanding Cano season will leave Scott Boras salivating and trying to find the biggest, most expensive deal he can, Yankees or not.   If I'm the Yankees, the goal is to keep Cano humbled and locked in long term, but a reasonable "long term". God forbid Cano becomes a future Alex Rodriguez.

In the end, we want Cano to be a future Derek Jeter; team player, producer, hero and captain... But with Boras connected, we really can't be so sure that can happen. Stay tuned for this...I'm at the edge of my's going to be a long season.

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