Monday, October 22, 2012


I like and read Danny Knobler of alot.  In fact, I read him all the time, but I didn't care for the slap at the Yankees with the provocative headline Beer and fried chicken? If Yankees didn't have any, they should've from October 18th. It just seems sleazy and tabloidy, if that's even a word.

Sure you can go through the piece and understand that Knobler's piece isn't a slap at all, but it's the headline itself that annoys me.  Why? Because why do we have to "go there"? Why do we have to watch the Yankees crumble and suggest that they should have been a bunch of drunk high-cholesterol eating partiers and that's the only way these mighty Yankees could have failed so miserably in the ALCS.

Knobler writes:  "...Missions don't just go unaccomplished. They blow up so spectacularly that you don't end up one or two steps shy of the goal, you end up farther away than when you began.

They end with the fans booing and the stars exposed. They end with four feeble at-bats from Josh Hamilton, or with $29 million Alex Rodriguez benched because he couldn't even manage that.

They end with beer and fried chicken, and if the Yankees didn't have any of either in their clubhouse Thursday night at Comerica Park, perhaps they should have.

General manager Brian Cashman kept repeating that his Yankees ended up just four wins away from a World Series. But at the end of one of the most one-sided American League Championship Series ever, it felt like the Yankees were 40 wins away -- or 400 wins away.

It felt like they were the Red Sox of a year ago, like they were the Rangers of two weeks ago..."

There it is, "They end with beer and fried chicken." Come on, do they have to? Look, Knobler isn't being mean spirited, and neither am I questioning what he's doing. I am just trying to make a point here, a point that every Yankee fan knows and understands, and quite frankly... is over.  The Yankees lost the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers this year because the Yankees didn't show up... THAT'S IT, don't over think it.  There was nothing peculiar going on. The Yankees failed to win a game because the Yankees failed to hit and in turn, score!

To be honest, I'm tired of the investigating, the guessing, the wondering on what happened to the Yankees in this years ALCS.  It's over. Turn the page.
There are no excuses with this Yankees loss, fans are starting to understand that.  There was no chicken and beer scandal.  The only scandal was we sucked.  The 2011 Red Sox on the other hand were a bunch of guys that apparently had not respect or regard for Terry Francona at the end of his tenure.  But the 2012 Yankees just couldn't win and struggled all season long.  Many fans knew that sooner or later, a short series would expose the Yankees RISP fail and in the end it did, plus, they also couldn't even get a run across home plate! That's it.  Why can't people just except the fact that it's baseball, like John Sterling says.  Why can't people just except the fact that the Yankees lost and will come back in 2013 ready to go, this season is over.

Kudos to Knobler who wrote a provocative headline to get me into his article.  In the end, it was good and actually thoughtful, and for those who don't read him, they should. He makes you think and I can appreciate that, but no more overthinking about what could be wrong with the Yankees in the ALCS... Yankee know... we sucked, game over, until 2013 that is!

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