Monday, October 15, 2012


You know things have gotten out of hand when Nick Swisher just about blatantly ignores fans.

If you have never been to a game and sat in right field, then you probably aren’t aware of how much Swisher interacts with the fans. His energy usually pumps up that entire section. Honestly, when I attend games, I do my best to sit out there for that very reason. But that was not Swisher yesterday.
After the misplayed line drive by Delmon Young, Swisher was met with a choir of boos the other night. Not a common thing for Swish. He was even accused of being the primary cause of Derek Jeter’s injury... the injury that happened AFTER Young’s double on a ground ball by Jhonny Peralta. To put it simply, Swish is hurt, (read HERE). And I don’t really blame him.

We all want him to do well. He is hitting .154 this post season and it is tough to watch. I’m almost certain that it’s tough on him too. They have fought long and hard to get here. This is not how the Yankees want to go out. It’s frustrating to watch and we tend to mouth off and sometimes, we say some really rude and outlandish things.

Swish isn’t the only Yankee who is getting this treatment. Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Alex Rodriguez are all getting rained down on. Their performances this post season leaves a lot to be desired. I mean Cano is hitting .063. What is the heck is up with that?

Swish is a good guy. His energy and charisma are unparalleled. It’s good for baseball and it’s good for the fans. But when fans see him joking around, laughing and carrying on when he should be focused, they assume he doesn’t care. And we’re almost always wrong in that assumption but how are we supposed to know? We only get to see you the way the media allows us to. Just look at how the media portrays Alex.

Swish hinted that the crowd reaction is doing the opposite of helping. He stated “You give me a hug and I run through a wall for you.” I mean, when the team is thinking that getting out of the Bronx and away from their fans will be a breath of fresh air by going to Detroit, maybe we fans have gone too far. Isn’t Yankee stadium supposed to be their sanctuary of sorts? They should not be happy about leaving.

So Swish, if you are reading this, please try your hardest to focus and do better. This will probably be your last season with the team and I want you to destroy every pitcher you face and leave with a bang and another World Series ring. I don’t need moon shots. Just hits that will get you on base and move runners. I know you want it as badly as your fans do.

You're a Yankee Swish.... I guess us fans just want to win...doesn't that make sense?

--Erica Morales, BYB Writer
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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