Thursday, October 18, 2012


When Derek Jeter broke his ankle, the world stopped.  Originally there was talk that the recovery time for Jeter's ankle would be about 3 months.  Fans were sad, but understood. In fact, we just knew at that point, the Yankees needed to win it for Jeter.  Many of us knew that with Jeter travelling with the team, they could still accomplish their goal, winning it all. After all, he is a positive force with the team.

Then, when news broke that Jeet would be travelling to Charlotte, North Carolina to meet with Dr. Anderson, fans, me included, got alittle concerned.  Not only would the team be Jeter-free, but we then found out that Derek would in fact agree to have surgery, this upcoming Saturday as a matter of fact, and with it, there would be a 4 to 5 month recovery. That would mean he would be 100% by Spring Training 2013. Here is what the Associated Press (HERE) has about it:

"Jeter will be operated on Saturday by Dr. Robert Anderson in Charlotte, N.C. The timetable the team announced means Jeter likely would be ready to return sometime between the start of spring training in mid-February and late spring training in mid-March.

General manager Brian Cashman called that a conservative estimate and left open the possibility that Jeter could come back sooner. Jeter had scans Sunday, which confirmed the fracture, and he saw Anderson on Tuesday.

'There’s no new information,' Cashman said. 'Nothing seemed worse than what our team doctors saw... My understanding is that it’s possible he will be ready earlier than that time frame,' Cashman said. 'But it is best to at least put out there four, five months as a safer bet.'"

Bad news? No... good news.
I mean, sure, right now for the Yankees, they could really use a leader, this is true. But after a hitless ALCS so far, they know that Jeter won't be there and they're professional baseball players with their backs against the wall. They know, they need to move on and win.  Sure, Jeter's there in spirit, but CC needs to lead our boys today, that's the bottom line!
But the good news I was talking about was simple. 2013.  I'm not brushing 2012 under the carpet just yet, but when talking about Jeter, I'm thinking ahead.  Our Captain who had the season of his life will be back and he'll be fine in 2013.  And why will he be fine? Because he's the most determined Yankee I have ever witnessed...since Mariano Rivera of course.
They are 2 guys with guts.  2 guys who know what winning is all about and 2013 will feature both guys, back together again.  But that's not all, we'll also have Andy Pettitte back, I hope. And even newcomer Michael Pineda will be there giving it another shot!

The point is 2013 is already shaping up and we haven't even hung up our cleats in 2012 yet.  Jeter's going to be fine ladies and gentlemen, don't panic.  And sure, this whole season has been wacky and full of uncertainty, but know this... it's ain't over yet.

Today's a big day. The Yankees have 1 goal, they need to win. They don't need to think about being swept, they just need to worry about winning 1 game, just like Jeter would say.  Then, when that's over, they need to win another, and then another and then another.  4 in a row, but 1 at a time.

So, Jeter may be going into surgery, but we follow his rule, 1 at a time.  It's the only way to move on to the World Series... and my God, what's the World Series like without the Yankees? It's just not the same... so it's a must!

Go Yanks and get well soon Jeet!

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