Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In the world of the Yankees and exercising 2013 options of some of their players...the Yankees exercised the 2013 options of some of their players... or something.

David Aardsma, whom I call "the Animal", Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano will all be back, the Yanks picked up their options.

(In Photo: Aardsma, Joba Chamberlain)
  • David Aardsma: The Yankees signed Aardsma and the goal was to get him up and running officially in 2013.  Remember he was coming off Tommy John surgery.  Aardsma pitched 1 inning in 2012, but that wasn't the goal. The goal was 2013.  Next year Aardsma will make $500,000. I can't wait for this guy!

  • Curtis Granderson: Granderson is make $15 million next season.  Truth be told, Granderson was terrible in the postseason but he has been a solid player for the Yankees and I still want him to stick around even after this option was picked up.  His power is great. He's fielding is as well and the only thing I'm concerned about with Granderson is his strikeouts.  He struck out 169 times in 2011 and 195 times in 2012. He needs to work on that.

  • Robinson Cano: Robbie Cano, don't you know that his postseason number are not the real numbers of Cano?  I know it and I forgive him. Cano is the future of the Yankees and he's only 30.  Next season he will make $15 million. Look for Cano to demand big money at the end of next season and look for him to make a huge deal with the Yankees...trust me, it's coming...  and he's staying forever.

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