Thursday, September 13, 2012


I love that expression of wearing "big boy pants."I love this scene below in The Other Guys. It's funny and a smart line because when you think about it, while it's sounds hilarious, the words are actually significant in life.  I can't stand when ball players play like amateurs or people don't give it their all...maybe even making excuses.  I like when ballplayers play like pros. After all, they are pros, now go out and win.  Tighten it up, work hard, put on your big boy pants! Go battle! Etc, etc.
Tonight, while the Yankees struggled in Fenway Park once again trying to get runs home, they scratched together enough runs and behind the great pitching by Young Phil Hughes, they won their second game in a row.  Now, the big question is, can the Yankees win 3 in a row?  If they do that, believe it or not, the Yankees will have a winning streak.  Holy crap! Let's review tonight...
Phil Hughes wore his big boy pants tonight...big time! He pitched much better than anyone expected and did the pitching that the Yankees have been longing for.  Hughes just really had good stuff tonight and kept the Yanks in the game. 7.1 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 7 K.  That's the best line from Hughes I remember seeing in quite a while.
The story of the night beside Hughes has to be Derek Jeter, the most iconic Yankee of the present day.  He tied Willie Mays in hits tonight with 3283 hits.  I mean, this is Willie Mays were talking about, by far one of the greatest players ever.  Derek Jeter is tied with him in hits.  Think about that for a minute.  Now stop. Now think about it again because it's pretty freaking amazing.  Say what you will about Derek Jeter, but one thing you can never call him is a quitter. He's the greatest and deserves everything good that goes his way! Sometimes I feel like he's the guy just trying to drag the Yankees to the finish line. He's always in the game!

A few other highlights.  Alex Rodriguez has 2 hits tonight. So did Eduardo Nunez and Andruw Jones and Derek Jeter were the guys who knocked in the runs, 1 each.  For Andruw Jones, it was a sacrifice fly and for Jeter, it was a nice bloop into center to score Steve Pearce.  It was a great at bat for Jeter. He just kept battling until he got something he could hit.  That's a professional hitter!
Later on Rafael Soriano came in, racked up the save and untucked (Save 38).  Damn I love that. In fact, I'm about to untuck and go to bed, BYB's birthday's tomorrow.

Final Score tonight: Yankees 2 - Red Sox 0

Tomorrow night we're home. It's the Yankees vs. the Rays, Sabathia vs. Price.  I feel like Sabathia's overdue...let's hope I'm right.

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