Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I’m not drunk. I think we found that extra energy we’ve been missing. Eduardo Nunez.  Yeah, you read me right.  It just looks like he’s happy to be back. His at bats, which have never been an issue for me, have really energized this ball club. Mark my words. 

Now, obviously, you know me. I’ve been ripping on Nunez and his errors for months and I really have a firm stance that he should not step foot in an infield unless he’s on base.  As you know from the other night (Read HERE), like clockwork, he missed that grounder like he was Mr. No- Depth perception. 

I could see it happening before the ball even got to him.  That being said, the next day he redeemed himself with a home run, his first of the season.  Look, his bat, his speed, they are energy tools the New York Yankees could use right now.  Now, was Nunez the only option for shortstop with Derek Jeter nursing a bone bruise at DH? Well, Yeah, if you want Nunez and his bat in the lineup.  I don’t agree with him in the field, but it was a situation that the Yanks needed to  work through, and they did.
Now, this is my only concern, and this is just me talking out loud now.  The Yankees want to save Jeter as much as they can right now for the playoffs right?  And yes, I hate that mindset at this point in the season, but we also don't want Jeter hurt in the playoffs, but if the Yankees don’t have their best guys on the field now, there is no playoffs.  Sure, do we keep Jeter off his feet as much as possible? Yes, but we also need his bat in the lineup and if the Yankees want Nunez to get at bats and “practice” in the field, it’s the only solution. 
I’ll tell you something though, if we lose the season on a Nunez error knowing good and well that the Orioles are breathing down our neck? I’ll never forgive my Yankees again.  Why? Because I have expressed my “ERROR” concern with Nunez all year and they keep forcing a square peg in a round hole.

That being said, I root for Nunez and I wish him well, because that bat and speed is something that a young talent like he can expand on for the future of Nunez as well as the New York Yankees.  Damn though, I wish he could catch, it would make the whole scenario a whole lot easier, wouldn't it?

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