Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I wasn't going to write about 9-11 today. Not that I wanted to forget, that wasn't my reason. It was selfish for me. Right around this time of year, I am an anxious mess. This year I have been so busy, I didn't think much of it, but let's face it, the world of Twitter is such a valuable tool. Not only does news spread quickly there, but thoughts and prayers were rapid with memories of 9-11 last night.  You can't escape it, so, like anyone, I  started reading. Then, I start reading more and that usually ends with me feeling this overwhelming anxiety and loss that can't be described.

I saw the second plane hit on September 11, 2001, not on TV, in life and I have seen it in my head every September since then. I have never watched coverage of that tragic day since 2001 and I promise you, I never will. It lives with me.

I hugged my children extra tight today. I said "I Love You", something you realize you don't always say until a day like today. My children are the by product of 9-11. After that tragedy, waiting for kids didn't make sense. In that regard, my wife and I have moved on, new distractions, new personalities and new loves in our life. But after hugging my wife today and walking to work, I fell to pieces. Call me a slobbering idiot who needs to move on, sure, I hear what your saying. But know this, I have moved on, yet, it will always be apart of me no matter how many games my sons play, or children I have or vacations I take. Today's a tough day for me and millions of others and sure, I didn't want to write anything today just because I wanted to breathe a little, calm myself a little,  but maybe telling all of you will help me. So there you go...

Thanks for reading and God Bless this great, great nation, always.

-- Casey

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