Saturday, June 30, 2012


REMEMBER WHITEY THE WAY HE WAS…AWESOME: The New York Times had a terrific piece about Whitey Ford on June 19th, I wanted to include in the Newsstand this week.  Whitey Ford is iconic in Yankeeland and this piece, titled Two One-Hitters with a Twist of Relief by Richard Sandomir is really good.  The piece talks about how Whitey pitched 2 one hitters one week apart and RA Dickey is the most recent case of this happening. But it goes on to talk about his relief appearance in between those 2 one hitters, relieving Bob Turley in the 8th inning. It spoke about how using starters as relief in the 50’s was not uncommon and then there’s a great quote from Marty Appel’s book Pinstripe Empire: “Casey stumbled on it with Allie Reynolds, who turned out to be equally effective in both roles at a time when there was still the common belief that there was something inferior about relief pitching...”
The full piece can be found by clicking on the title of the Times piece above.  I don’t know, I just thought it was pretty cool and something you really don’t this starters of doing these days unless they need to get in work before the playoffs… my how things have changed.

YANKEES PROMOTE, PICKUP & CUT A PITCHER:  The Yankees have claimed Danny Farquhar and then cut him and claimed Chris Schwinden who was claimed off waivers from the Cleveland Indians. He was sent to AAA. He was a former Met. Click his name to read his stats.  They also promoted David Phelps. Wow...that was fast. Read the Associated Press story HERE.  The Yanks had just claimed Farquhar a few days ago off waivers from the Oakland Athletics. Busy, busy, busy.

FUTURE YANKEE FANS FROM DOWN UNDER: This picture was taken and sent to me by my good friend Charles Moses of Austraila.  These are his grandchildren, all in Yankee gear and all future Yankee fans.  It just amazes me how widespread the love for the New York Yankees is.  Don’t forget, both Charles and his son Joey, came to the Big Apple a few months ago and I hand delivered their shirts to them over a pint. Read BYB, AUSTRAILA & THE BIG APPLE if you want more to that story.  Thanks for sending it to in mate.
DROB IS A MAN, MAN: I like this nugget and respect David and Erin Robertson, so I thought you'd like to check it out. ESPN's Andrew Marchand has the story of DRob speaking out since his blown save 2 nights ago. Read HERE. In the nutshell he told ESPN NY quote: "My wife's got her own opinions... It is not like I tell her what to do. Her opinion is her opinion." Erin tweeted after the game that David should have started the 9th inning.  Hey, she has every right to root for her man.  I love that DRob came out to the media to address it. I dig it. Good for you David!
A TIP OF THE CAP: Yankees Fans Unite and Bronx Baseball Daily plug Bleeding Yankee Blue once in a while and I found 2 good posts on their sites that I suggest you check out.  YFU has this one titled Yankees Report Card: June and BBD has this one titled Phil Hughes throws 2 different curveballs. Both are worth a read.

KATE UPTON AGAIN: Leave it to Terry Richardson to come up with yet another Kate Upton video of her just dancing around in a bikini.  I’m not sure why these are so popular…sarcasm, but I tell you what, Terry Richardson was smart to latch onto Kate Upton, because he’s got to be enjoying the ride.  This one is of Kate Upton in a Baywatch type setting. It appears to be some type of video with Kate Upton doing what she does. Careful, some material may not be suitable for minors:
Note to Terry, get Chrissy Teigen in some of these, you don’t want to over expose poor Kate.

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